New Book Release!

I’ve Got Your Back

Help Children Say
Hello to Friends & Goodbye to Bullies

How can you protect children from being bullied? I’ve Got Your Back: Hello to Friends & Goodbye to Bullies will help you teach your child the skills to build positive, respectful friendships and strong, resilient self-esteem. These are the key bully-proofing skills for kids – and adults!

Learn more about this exciting new book from authors Lorna Blumen & Staci Schwartz.

Spotlight: Bullying Prevention

Spotlight: Bullying Prevention

Learn more about bullying, how to recognize it in the earliest stages, and how to stop it in its tracks, before the damage is done. Visit our Books page for info on our bullying prevention books.

"I started reading Chapter 10 (Tools We Can Use) from Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child's Play and couldn't put it down until I had read to the end.  Very useful tools. I have leafed through the rest of the book and absolutely love the focus on adults and the role of adults in this "bullying epidemic". I think this has been the biggest missing piece in our discussions about bullying to date."

S. Rutherford Lead Trainer, International Training Associates